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“And Come There” The Practical Facet of Leshichno Tidreshu The continuation of the Torah’s phrase “Leshichno Tidreshu” ends with the words “Uvata Shama”, which means “and you shall come there”, which is the inspiration for this section of “Leshichno Tidreshu”‘s work, which deals with the practical aspects of this spiritual […]

“And Come There”

Uniting Worlds Through Hebron Introduction The Song of Seeking Whispers  in the Winds  of Antiquity Before the heights of hills, before the depths of seas Soul-mates as one, pre-destined before Creation Tied in essence, Embraced in eternal love Bride and groom everlasting Proclaimed in the call of the Creator   […]

Uniting Worlds Through Hebron – Intro

חוזרים ל"גלריה של נחשון" לאחר 22 שנה! 1
בס”ד Kollel Hatzos Maaras  HaMachpela “Asahel” The main purpose of the Torah and the spiritual work advanced at “Kollel Hatzos Maaras HaMachpela – Asahel” is to give pleasure before HaShem, by “raising the Holy Presence from the dust,” or in other words, raising the power of the Holy Presence that […]

Kollel Hatzos Maaras HaMachpela Asahel