“And Come There”

“And Come There”

The Practical Facet of Leshichno Tidreshu

The continuation of the Torah’s phrase “Leshichno Tidreshu” ends with the words “Uvata Shama”, which means “and you shall come there”, which is the inspiration for this section of “Leshichno Tidreshu”‘s work, which deals with the practical aspects of this spiritual seeking.

At the outset, I had opposition to putting these words in the form of a website, for I feared that this site may be misused. Originally, these pieces were sent as weekly tidbits that could be digested each week. However, in the form of a website, readers could easily suffice in skimming this website or reading it all at once, causing perhaps an initial taste of the contents of this site and giving an illusion of satiety with its contents, but missing its ultimate goal. Therefore, I write these words as words of caution, with hope and prayer, that readers will indeed use this website as a “handbook” in their spiritual journey for the Holy Presence, and not as a mere intellectual endeavor alone.

A recommended usage of this site can be through Torah study by delivering it messages on the Shabbos table, which is probably one of the closest experiences a Jew in the Diaspora has to the experience of living in the Holy Land, the Land of spiritual delight combined with material delight.

Another type of usage of this site is through the path of Prayer by reading the tidbits assigned for each day and for their respective prayers (Shacharis, Minha, Mariv) as you shall see in this site as preparation to direct one”s intent towards the Holy Presence of the Land which rests with our Patriarchs of Hebron (i.e intent in the Blessing of the Patriarchs which is halachically mandatory).

A third method of usage of this site is through Life Contemplation, which may be acomplished by reading the Real Stories section in the weekly divrei Torah of the “Seeking Zion” section as a trigger to contemplate your own life and those around you to seek, even in the Diaspora, sparks of Providence from the Great Fire of the Holy Presence in our Holy Land. Also, joining the forum, especially in “Tell your story” connects you to our community of those who wish to share their stories of Divine Providence in their everyday lives, whether they seem “miraculous” or very “ordinary”. May HaShem aid us all on our Search for the Holy Presence in our Holy Land.LgInBackGroundImage

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