Intro to “Cleave to Him”


Introduction to “Cleave to Him”

In continuation of ‘Seeking the Holy Presence in our Holy Land’, section ‘Cleave to Him’ seeks to continue this quest into our very lives, as our Sages interpret this command to refer to cleaving to this Holy Presence. This is done primarily through the two interpretations of our Sages for the Torah’s commandment ‘Cleave to Him’: 1. Cleaving to God’s attributes, such as mercy, compassion, etc. 2. Cleaving to the righteous. Therefore, this section concentrates on the spiritual work involved in these two methods.

Rambam explains that ‘cleaving to the righteous’ also means to make effort in emulating their ways, so we too may become righteous. One of the primary works that the righteous are involved with is the pursuit of sanctity and purity, a matter which is also highly related to the concept of ‘keeping the covenant’.  This matter is also a crucial factor in maintaining the Holy Presence in our midst, as the Torah says, ‘and your encampment (in battle shall be holy, and no nakedness should be seen within you, which causes the Holy Presence to leave you (Dvarim p. Ki Tetze). Therefore, some of the articles in this section outline this specific work on sanctity and purity.

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